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We have lots of experience in the field of render cleaning. We also specialise in façade cleaning and all types of brickwork and concrete sills.
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To improve our K-rend render cleaning service we studied the science behind algae and mould growth. This study has given us a far greater insight and understanding of what is causing your render to discolour or why algae grows on it. Our in-house team have developed specialist treatments and equipment to ensure that we can deep clean your render, so it remains in the best physical condition and free from both organic growths and any discolouration.
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Render Cleaning and Treatment

We have seen the damage caused to clients property when they have employed cleaning contractors that don’t understand the techniques used to clean this delicate surface. The use of harsh chemicals in rapidly becoming commonplace in the industry, whilst these offer a “quick” fix the effects of damage caused last a lot longer.

Damage by Render Cleaning

Softwash render cleaning

Render is widely used across the UK. Although the lifespan of render is between 20 to 40 years, if not cleaned regularly, the color of the render will appear to fade. This is due to the fact that over the period of time, render gets infected with algae, moss and lichens etc, thus it ruins the appearance of the building. We provide a professional cost-effective Softwashing render cleaning Service.

From industrial warehouses to modern office blocks; from housing estates to small, privately-owned apartments. CVC UK offer a cost-effective solution to your K-rend render cleaning issues.

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